Yoga leggings – the quality matters

Every now and then, we need to replace our workout clothes, especially yoga leggings. Perhaps buying new gear helps you stay committed to your routine. Or your old comfy pair is stretched out and faded, and sadly, it’s time to find replacements. To the store!

Yoga leggings are a fad that don’t look like they’re going anywhere soon for years to come. There are many big-name brands in the yoga leggings department, and you might be at a loss for which to purchase. The mere volume of colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and designs can send anyone’s head spinning. The difference is most often reflected in the costs.

Walking into a store, you might find some price tags that send you reeling. Due to budgetary concerns, you might find yourself reaching for the friendlier-priced options. To that, we say… please don’t. In this article, we outline several reasons why you should break the bank rather than cheap skating your way around buying yoga leggings.


  • They are a wise investment: To the untrained noob’s eye, high-end athletic clothing looks just the same as its pocket-friendly counterpart. Sometimes they might even feel the same. So why spend more on a more expensive duplicate? The truth is, high-end leggings are often designed with the best of materials with numerous super abilities and attributes that their cheaper versions have, such as moisture wicking, UV protection, proper elasticity and other functions. In your $20 leggings? Not so much. While midrange leggings might actually have these attributes, they have not gone through the same process as high-end gear, therefore, might not last as many washes as your $900 leggings. Sometimes it’s much better to make the hard choice and buy expensive. Might hurt your pocket for a while, but it pays in the long run.


  • Another reason to bust out the checkbook when buying yoga leggings: Comfort. The cheaper variants of leggings are quite ostensibly made from cheaper materials, with little or no R & D hours put into them. This might have you stopping for quick scratches on troublesome itches during the pose, and any yogi knows how annoying distractions are during poses. And it’s not a pretty sight. Also, the cheaper brands are often made from cotton or cotton blends, and we all know that cotton isn’t the best at wicking away sweat. Rather it retains it and fosters that nasty odor we associate with working out. The higher-end designs usually use synthetic materials that help the sweat evaporate, leaving less of a stink trace.


  • You are paying for long-lasting quality: This should go without saying. The amount spent on the development of these fabrics ensure that the final product on the shelves is of a long-lasting quality.  Better to use your pair for 3 years, than buying a replacement every few months. If you follow the wash instructions on the label, you’ll find your new leggings lasting quite a while.


  • They stay where they are supposed to: Due to their superior design, you find your leggings still fitting snugly after several washes. There’s no riding up, chafing and falling down while you’re doing your poses. These can ultimately become quite annoying.