Modern trends in yoga apparel – High waisted yoga leggings

We’ve seen fashion fads come and go, but leggings have carved its own niche and owned it since it made its debut into mainstream fashion in the 1970s. During this time, it has managed to reinvent itself many times over, with several new designs and builds popping up every now and then, from flared out ends to snug fits around the calf, to foldovers. Again, it has come in a new form, and it is all the craze right now: High-waisted leggings.

It has come to combat every legging issue you’ve ever encountered. The cinching fit, the muffin top tummies and the roll downs, Miss High Waist has come to conquer them all.

From casual wear to workout gear, you can find these beauts everywhere serving different purposes. What’s more, they flatter your figure and keep everything tucked in. They also make your legs look extra-long and give you the confidence you deserve.

Sometimes, regular leggings can be uncomfortable, with the seams and the waistband leaving imprints and marks. High-waisted leggings to the rescue.

  • They also look great with crop tops and sports bras, making you look hot and put together. You can wear a sports bra along with it without feeling overexposed.
  • The design ensures the waistband doesn’t dig into your flesh, but hugs your belly around the belly button, making you feel snug and comfy.
  • If you have a gut you’re trying to hide, you’ve found the perfect style. They flatter your belly and also accentuate your ass while at it. It’s a win-win. They keep everything nice and tucked in, leaving you comfy and confident.
  • It keeps everything tucked in place while you’re performing deeper bind yoga. No need to worry about any errant body parts betraying you by hanging out. You also don’t have to pull it up after every move you make, like its low waist counterparts. This is potentially distracting, and distractions aren’t welcome in yoga.
  • It makes you look much slimmer: Seriously. It takes off like 20 pounds.
  • They prevent muffin top situations: Because they hold everything in, they prevent embarrassing spillovers when you bend over. Or after an all-you-can-eat buffet (this is a no judgment zone).
  • They provide that valuable lift for your little tushy, making you feel more confident. Due to the way they are designed, the seat of the leggings lifts your butt upwards, giving them a toned look.
  • They provide optimum coverage, so you never feel like you’re showing too much skin.
  • You can wear them literally everywhere and anywhere: They look great in the gym and slay as casuals as well.
  • Hides your belly button: Not everyone is comfortable with their navels exposed, and this might be a problem when you want to wear a sports bra or a cropped top. Enter High waisted leggings.
  • Did we mention, they’re perfected for women who have just had babies: You might be feeling a bit insecure with your stubborn belly fat. High-waisted leggings are ideal for your post-partum wardrobe.

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