How to take care of yoga clothes

take care of yoga clothes

We’ve gotten through the hardest part of choosing clothes for yoga regimen, and everything from here on should be easy-peasy, right? Errm.

Maintaining your new yoga leggings is almost just as important as purchasing new ones. Unless you want to replace them every few months, it is quite important to properly care for your printed yoga leggings. With yoga pants getting even more expensive these days, it is imperative that they last as long we can make them. Nobody wants to see stretched out, faded and fuzzy yoga pants. This article will take you through the best methods to make those pants last as long as they can while looking great.

Avoid the heat

The synthetic material used in yoga clothes have one mortal enemy: heat. Most synthetic fibers are extremely sensitive to heat, so do anything you can to avoid this. You’ve probably heard that cold water doesn’t wash your clothes properly. This is untrue. As much as possible, try to avoid any form of heat during the laundry process. Yoga clothes should be washed with cold water. Never ever use a dryer on your yoga leggings. If possible, avoid direct sunlight. Get a detergent that allows you do laundry in cold water, and your yoga clothes will thank you for it.

Turn it inside out

When laundering your synthetic fiber garments, turn them inside out. When you wash synthetic fibers along with other materials, like cotton, the lint from them tends to form fuzzy little balls which are unattractive. Washing them inside out makes the lint form on the inside of the clothes, which is a slightly better alternative

Wash Them Alone

Synthetic fibers are the clothing equivalent of petulant children. They demand to be cared for specially.  one of the best things you can do for your yoga clothes is to wash them alone, or them along with other garments of similar material. Washing with cotton pulls at the fibers, which causes pilling. You don’t want that look on your high-end yoga clothes, do we?

Do it…gently

Yoga clothes are extremely sensitive. So, it is advisable to wash them on the gentlest possible setting on your machine.  You might feel like washing it vigorously because you sweat in them a lot, but that’s the wrong idea. Wash them gently to avoid abrasions on your precious yoga clothes.

Say no to Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners work by coating your precious yoga clothes in chemical to make it feel silkier. This is not ideal for yogis, as the chemical diminishes the moisture wicking abilities of your yoga clothes, leaving you feeling icky and uncomfortable during workouts.

Easy with the detergent:

Ever heard the saying “Less is more”? It has never been more apt. Yoga pants don’t require much detergent, as this may initiate the breakdown of the fabric. It may leave your clothes feeling stiff and sticky. Leftover detergent might even get in some sensitive places. Eeek.

Wash after every wear

Yoga clothes absorb the sweat when we’re active, so it is mighty important to wash after every use. Bacteria may thrive if you repeat use which may spell serious trouble for your skin.