ByLorene was founded on the simple idea that better yoga leggings could make a world of difference.

The unparalleled quality of ByLorene yoga leggings is appreciated by yoga teachers and their students worldwide. We are still evolving, introducing new styles and colors, and celebrating the beauty of every woman. 

Brand Purpose

ByLoren aims to produce high-quality, flattering, feminine yoga leggings for women all over the world. We create yoga apparel that allows women to feel comfortable and beautiful. We celebrate the uniqueness of every body type and strive to produce yoga outfit which complements all women. Each piece has been crafted with love and care. The unique blend of fabrics is perfect for yoga room and outdoor. It’s comfortable and durable. 

Real Women

We do all of our photography & design in-house. We don’t hire models, instead, we showcase everyday women practicing yoga. We showcase real woman and celebrate their individuality. 

We Love What We Do

We create our designs with passion. Our creative team has been practicing yoga for years, so we know what women really need. Why? Because we love yoga and we love what we do.

NO to Photoshopping Bodies

We don’t photoshop body parts. We believe that every woman is perfect and unique. We want women to feel comfortable in our clothes. It’s our responsibility to put images that are real. We believe that sharing untouched bodies is empowering. Bruises, birthmarks, cellulite are part of life! It’s not about having ‘perfect’ body, it’s about showcasing the real beauty of every woman.