Who We are

Feminade is an online concierge providing end-to-end care for women’s
hormonal imbalance symptoms and reproductive health.

  • physician

    Physician expertise without the clinic price

    We are focused on fertility and we go deep—working with fertility doctors to incorporate the latest research into Modern Fertility. Two physicians review your test and if results look abnormal, they’ll recommend a plan for retesting.

  • harmone

    The only comprehensive fertility hormone test you can take in your jammies

    When you request a test it will be reviewed and ordered by a physician. Your test will be customized based on your birth control (yes! you can test on birth control!). Then, we’ll walk you through taking it at home or at a lab.

  • answered

    Every question answered—no matter what

    Modern Fertility is more than a test—we’re on call to get you the support you need to make decisions about reproductive health. Get questions answered 1:1 with a fertility nurse, join our weekly Egginar, and learn from others in the Modern Community.



of Women Experience
Hormonal Imbalance.
It takes an average of 6
to 8 years for them to
be diagnosed

How We work

  • 1

    Online Assessment
    + Request your test

  • 2

    Collect your

  • 3

    Online Consult
    with a physician

  • 4

    Track your symptoms
    + own your data

So What Makes Us So Unique?

  • Physician ordered
    and reviewed

    Your test request and results are reviewed by a physician.

  • Developed by experts

    Our team of physicians and clinical advisors lead the nation's top fertility clinics.

  • CLIA accredited

    All tests are conducted in a CLIA Certified lab.

What We Focus On

  • Pms
  • Weight Grain
  • Cystic Acne
  • Pcos
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility
  • Mood Swings,Brain Fog,Depression